Plan your Kitchen lighting

Kitchen lighting is one of the most important elements of any kitchen as it sets the mood/ambience of the kitchen. The problem for many people is how to set up the style and location of their kitchen lighting to set the desired mood.

We have years of experience and have designed and fitted numerous kitchens, so we thought it would be useful to provide you with some handy guidance. So below is some advice on how to create the right ambience in your kitchen by the effective use of lighting.

One point to note is that if the lighting that your planning is different to the current arrangement, then you will need to seek professional help from an electrician as to what is required. For example if wanting downlighters, then under floor cabling may well be required which needs to be done by a qualified electrician.

Specific areas

Obviously in specific areas, the lighting is crucial. This includes the preparation area, where food is prepared as well as the cooking are. Both require relatively bright lighting, usually white, to ensure that the individual can see what they are preparing and cooking. Another element of lighting to be considered is if you have a particular feature that you would like highlighted, this also needs to be taken into consideration.


A popular choice for many are dimmer switches which allow the lighting to be adjusted to suit. A dimmer switch can be used with a variety of lighting systems, but care must be taken to ensure that the light bulbs, LED lighting etc, is the correct style for dimmer switches.


This is a term used by designers to create a zonal lighting system. The premise is simple enough, it simply means to create areas within the kitchen where lighting is different, such as the aforementioned cooking and preparation areas, as well as the dining areas or breakfast bars.

Latest trends

As with all forms of technology, lighting is no different. Sensor operated options now exist, as well as timer versions and even slider style lighting which is LED based and which can be moved to wherever you are situated to provide more light. These types of lights are fitted on rails and are a relatively new innovation.

As with any form of refurbishment, planning is crucial. With lighting ensuring that the relevant cabling and electrical points are where you need them and also take into account that if you want to move elements such as dining tables etc, try to make sure that your lighting will still be ideal for that scenario.