How to measure your kitchen

When looking a renovating or replacing a kitchen, one of the most important elements especially when it comes to designing, is to accurately measure your current kitchen and available space. This will determine exactly what units can be placed where and how the whole kitchen can be designed.

To help, we have provided a few handy tips to help you

1) Draw an outline of the shape of your kitchen space

It doesn’t need to be to scale or expertly drawn, it simply needs to show the various elements of the existing space.

include the location of


Mark up the various locations of the main features such as windows, doors etc to ensure that any planning takes into account openings and also the current location of utilities. This part is important as if not done correctly you will incurr additional costs if utilities need to be moved to a different location

2) Create zonal areas

Jot down the desired usage for each specific area, eg,dining area, work surfaces etc.

If you already have an idea of where you want to place specific elements such as appliances, then make a not of them and place them in the desired location.

3) Take measurements

When it comes to actually taking measurements, the key is to use the layout that you have drawn previously as outlined above, then breakdown each area into specifically labeled areas.

For example, take each wall and label them alphabetically, and then measure each wall and make a note of it in a corresponding key, to keep the layout drawing clear.

Once you have taken the measurements for each area, you will then have an overall plan which includes measurements for the complete kitchen area

Also note down areas that you will want specific types of lighting. This is important to ensure that you do not end up having to pay for additional work to move cabling, installing electrical sockets etc.