Make your kitchen eco friendly

With the move towards eco friendliness seemingly endless, it is perhaps unsurprising that within the kitchen there are a number of ways to make your kitchen and what goes on in it, more eco friendly. Whether this involves the use of certain materials, or simply how waste is disposed of, or the type of lighting used, there are plenty of ways to help the planet.

Below you will find a series of tips to help you keep on the right side of eco friendliness

Buy to last

When buying kitchen cooking ware and utensils buy them with longevity in mind. Although generally more costly initially, the fact is that stainless steel or cast iron utensils and cookware will last much longer than cheaper versions. This means that in terms of ecology, fewer items are needed to be made as the ones purchased will last longer. Also avoid Teflon if possible, apart from its health hazards, it has a limited useful shelf life.


What energy you use to cook with makes a difference. Gas is a natural form of energy, being a fossil fuel, however exploration and extraction takes its toll on the climate. Electricity is mainly produced from coal fired power plants, which are obviously a no go, although nuclear power plants now provide approx 5% of the UK’s electrical requirement whilst new forms of energy production such as wind farms and offshore water related energy systems are coming online in the future.

Choose your appliances with care

All appliances come with an energy rating. This enables you as the buyer to decide which one suits your particular requirements. Obviously the better the rating then the better the eco friendliness. Energy efficiency is the key factor here. Also ensure that you maintain your appliances regularly. This usually involves nothing more than cleaning the filters and unblocking pipes etc if required.

Efficient cooking

One of the most cost effective techniques used by an increasing number of people is to reduce cooking times by placing several items in the oven at the same time. What we mean by this is when cooking a specific meal, instead of cooking some of the items on a stove or microwave, place all of them in the oven and use the same amount of energy that would be used anyway, plus saving energy by not using other appliances such as stoves, cooker rings or microwaves.

Use fresh ingredients from local suppliers

By using fresh ingredients rather than purchasing pre packed items, your also helping the environment. Think about it, firstly your not purchasing a plastic container which means that another one won’t be made and when it comes to disposal, fresh ingredients are the best you can get. Add to this the fact that you can buy from local produce suppliers, makes it even better. Not only is it environmentally friendly but also supports local trade.