Kitchen tips

The kitchen, being the hub of the home and often a central point for family gatherings is the ideal location for many reasons. However there are some annoying facets of a kitchen and related factors which can be avoided with simple guidelines. For instance, the kitchen is home to a variety of appliances and work surfaces within the area. Many of these surfaces and appliances may well require regular maintenance to ensure smooth and efficient functionality. Within this blog post we provide you with a variety of Kitchen tips as well as a handy guide of what and how to maintain certain regularly used kitchen appliances to ensure they keep running smoothly.

1) Whiteboard

Although not technically a maintenance tip the first one on our list is a whiteboard, placed on or close to the fridge. Ask yourself how many times have you been to the shops and forgotten something important that you needed? A whiteboard is the answer. Simply jot down any items that you want to remember and every time you go to the fridge, you will see it and remember. It is a fact that you are more likely to remember something if you see it written down frequently.

2) Get a steam cleaner

Steam cleaners are all the rage nowadays. These handy little appliances can be used to clean almost any surface or item in a kitchen. One of the key points of a steam cleaner is the fact that it doesn’t use any form of chemical or abrasives to clean, it just uses steam.

3) Regularly clean filters

This is a common mistake made by most people. Several appliances within the kitchen use filters which filter the water being expelled from the unit. With constant use they do become blocked with waste matter which then affects their performance. Both washing machines and dish washers both use filters that are usually easily accessible at the front or just inside the units. Simply take them out and clean them once a month with a light brush and detergent to clean away any excess material and then place the filter back into its enclosure.

4) Create a weekly dinner menu

One of the constant gripes that many will understand if they are the main cook in the house is “what’s for dinner”. One simple way to eradicate this annoying habit is to simply come up with a weekly menu of meals, one for each day. THis way nobody will need to ask whats for dinner anymore, and you will find that your shopping bill may well go down as you will buy only the specific items required for each dish of the day.